EC sports agency is an athlete management company which provides services in talent representation, league development, event management, education, training and academies.


 The preferred color scheme for the logo is red and white, which conveys sophistication, elegance, and success. The style should be modern, sleek, and bold, with a sense of power and confidence. The company logo should incorporate elements that represent sports and athleticism, such as a stylized athlete silhouette or a sports equipment icon.



 One approach is to use a bold and modern font for the letters E and C. The basketball and football balls was integrated into the letters, respectively, with their textures visible within the letters' shapes. This created a logo that is both visually appealing and effectively communicates the company's focus on sport.
So logo effectively communicates the company's mission and establishes its brand identity.


Logo idea



B/W Variant

Grayscale Variant

Font & color