About me:

 A driver, a barman, a waiter, a security guard, a salesman, a warehouse worker, a marketer: this list of professions, I have managed to test, can go on and on. And I always thought I was doing something wrong. Once in another period of personal crisis, I came across my old school notebook with wonderful little drawings. I remembered how I enjoyed drawing football club logos, city coats of arms, monograms of names for my classmates. I thought I’d try something I really like.
And I started taking courses, reading books, writing design magazines. And I started taking courses, reading books, prescribing design magazines. I was deeply into this wonderful world where ordinary things create amazing and beautiful works. For the first time in my life I really liked what I was doing, and I felt like a part of it. Ordering my logo, be sure to get the result with a deep meaning, a qualitatively done work and a part of my soul. After all, this job is what I live for and what I really enjoy.

A little bit about my approach:

  •  I will send you a short brief or some clarifying questions if you haven’t provided enough information at once.
  • I’m looking into your field and your closest competitors.
  •  I start looking for ideas for the logo, look through the logos of other similar companies. My goal is to come up with a design that shows who you are, what you do, and who you do it for.
  • I think about the target audience, so to create a logo it’s important to represent who are your customers, what they like and what qualities they estimate. For example, the strict presentable logo is suitable for the brand of expensive watches, but not for the store of children’s toys.
  • I draw sketches, mostly on paper. I guess it’s the most usual and quick way to transfer ideas from the head onto paper.
  • I transfer my sketches into a graphic editor then start to determine with the form and color if it is not previously approved with the customerShape and color are selected not only based on what sites and in what formats logo will be apply, but also there is a psychology of shapes and colors in logos studying the subconscious thoughts and emotions arising in mind looking at particular figures and colors.
  • Choose or create a suitable font. The right font can emphasize the virtue not only the logo, but also your company on the whole. 
  • Making the final design I create a logo for you, with logo rules, company colors and branded fonts, which are in harmony with your logo. You can also see immediately how the logo will look like on the social media page, the branded truck or on the pizza box.

A few rules I follow:

  • The logo should be simple. Simple design is easy to recognize even in the smallest formats and allows the logo to be universal and memorable.
  • The logo should be memorable. The original logo design stands out.
  • The logo should be durable, withstand the test of time, and do not lose its efficiency under the influence of fashion or any other short-term phenomena.
  • The logo should be universal, should look in any forms, in any environment and in any formats.


See you in private messages!